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Welcome to the new, innovative website on the subject of Diversity in South Africa and around the world.

What is Diversity SA?

Diversity SA is a new Mandate Molefi Inclusion Platform that is specially designed to cater for the South African and International audience who would like to learn more about Diversity and Inclusion in South Africa, the African continent and the rest of the world. This platform aims to focus and invite participation on all aspects of Diversity & Inclusion, including:

  • Sharing research and findings;
  • Engaging and updating on topical & current issues around the world;
  • Equipping leaders and individuals with skills to lead inclusively;
  • Creating peace and harmony with our diversity
  • Leveraging diversity at both a personal & organizational level

What are the Features of this new Website?

Monthly articles on Diversity & Inclusion, Transformation etc. will be published and the public invited to post their views and comments to create a platform for learning and leveraging diversity in our workplaces and society. The monthly articles will focus on current diversity challenges in South Africa society with opinions from diversity experts around the world.

Who is behind Diversity SA?

Nene Molefi, Managing Director of Mandate Molefi Human Resources Consultants will be the Editor in Chief of this publication. Nene has been in the field of diversity for more than 17 years. She has the advantage of having been both a diversity practitioner and diversity and transformation consultant.

nene-6Nene Molefi is a proud African, born and bred in Dube Village, Soweto.

She is currently the Managing Director and sole owner of Mandate Molefi, Human Resources Consultants. Her competencies are around the broad transformation strategies (viz. Skills Development, Performance Management, Employment Equity, Mentorship and Coaching, Retention Strategies, Service Delivery Audits, Climate and Culture Surveys, Auditing of Policies) to align with South African Legislation and International Best Practice and the Business Imperative of Managing Diversity, all under the broader ambit of Change Management and Transformation. Her company has clients ranging from Private Sector, Multinationals, Parastatals, National and Local Government and Regulatory Bodies.

Nene qualified as a Social Worker and was the first Black Social Worker for Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town in 1987. She later moved to the field of Human Resources and Transformation.

Nene worked for Eskom for a period of 10 years in several positions within the Human Resources and was instrumental in developing Eskom’s first Affirmative Action Policy as well as systems to implement is successfully. During her tenure at Eskom, she was exposed to several best practice policies and systems e.g. Performance Management; Leadership Development; Employment Equity; HR Strategy; etc.

She was seconded by Eskom to the Department of Labour as Head of Human Resources Management. This was during the period where the Department of Labour was intensively developing policy and legislation to lay the foundation for a transformed labour market.

She later served as Executive Director for the City of Cape Town. In this role, Nene was to oversee the transformation initiatives within the City. These included integration and amalgamation of several municipalities into one; rationalisation of Conditions of Service; effective HR, IT and Communication processes; and the overall implementation of Legislation and monitoring compliance.

Through her company, Nene was later contracted by Department of Foreign Affairs to establish systems to monitor and evaluate performance in South Africa’s Foreign Missions across the world. In this portfolio, she travelled to Embassies and Consulates in Europe, Asia, Americas and Central Africa to engage staff on Organisational Development processes and performance enhanced systems.

She has travelled extensively throughout the world; benchmarking South Africa’s Change Management Strategies with those of other countries and has been invited as a speaker both in South Africa and Overseas – viz IPM Convention South Africa, IPM Convention Zimbabwe, USA Diversity Exchange, Vicenza Italy and has been invited as a guest of the Diversity Collegeum (A think tank of Diversity experts around the world) in Washington DC for their annual gathering in October 2004.

Having undergone extensive training on Corporate Governance; Nene is able to apply her knowledge by sitting on the Boards of several companies as a Non Executive Director, including:

➢ Hudaco Industries Ltd.
➢ Brockhouse Coopers
➢ Auditor-General
➢ Royal Africa Investment Holdings
➢ Pangbourne Properties Ltd
➢ Community Aids Response (CARE)

She is also a member of the Institute of Directors.

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