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Why is inclusion so hard?

Maybe it is because exclusion happens without us really thinking about it. We make choices, say things that come naturally to us. Inclusion, on the other hand, is a conscious action – we have to make an effort to behave inclusively. When conducting focus groups recently, one person said that she sat with other Zulu-speaking […]

Diversity and Inclusion in South Africa

 Why is “Inclusion” missing? Following on from our first blog, which explored the difference between diversity and inclusion, we are interested in looking a bit more closely at some of the challenges preventing inclusive behaviour and attitudes in the workplace. In a recent article in the African Journal for Business Management, April defines inclusion as […]

Diversity and Inclusion in South Africa

What ‘Inclusion’ is and what it could look like – 1 Building on the idea of oneness, South Africa offers a powerful African concept that supports a deeper understanding of inclusion. Ubuntu means (humanness – the condition or quality of being human). The concept can be further explored through the saying Umuntu ngu muntu ngabantu, […]